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The all-new Brompton Electric app is here. 

A useful dashboard to use on and off your bike.


Available to download on iOS and Android now.



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Key features of the app include:

  • Connect your phone and bike with Bluetooth to see your speed, trip time, battery charge, and more 

  • Get the best out of your battery by tracking your ride and shifting power modes from your phone when stopped at traffic lights.

  • View your service history, total mileage, and change bike settings all in one place.

  • Track your overall mileage over the year(s) and receive updates when you reach significant milestones 

  • Use the app to find your nearest Brompton-friendly bike shop for parts and servicing along the way.

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    The Brompton Electric iOS App is available right away to all Brompton Electric customers who have the latest Firmware Version 1-2-10-2 uploaded onto their bike.


    If you need a Firmware upgrade, contact your local Brompton Electric retailer to schedule an appointment, who can then perform the update.  

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